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About us

We set up our business in 2008 after a great deal of experience in the tourism sector. Turismon Travel S.L. was created in 2015 as a travel agency. Guided by the deep, time-tested love of our land, passed from one generation to another, we answer the “call to share” that come from within us. We place a high value on the involvement of the local inhabitants, who have guided us every step of the way in revealing the hidden treasures held within our small country, Catalonia.


Turismon promotes quality tourism that is respectful to the territory and activates local tourism. In support of the value of each location’s identity, we aim to provide a cultural immersion not only through our traditions and gastronomy, but also our natural and architectural heritage.


Turimon wants:

  • To be a pioneer in a respectful, environmentally-friendly and quality tourism.
    That is why we work towards helping our guests discover “our home” in a fun, educational way.

  • We create tailor-made experiences based on the desires of our guests.
    Our passion for the land, gastronomy, nature and people drives us to create enriching experiences. Trips to remember.

  • We want to show you our unique and unmatched tourism attractions.
    And we do it through the eyes of those who want to reveal their secret places. Must-see tours and, most of all, off the beaten path.

  • We bring you on unique experiences in a selection of “great little places”.
    We offer everything from small, local points of interest to the world-renowned sights.

What do we do?

We are a Receptive Travel Agency that shows off our land through its picture postcards: tucked-away fairy tale villages from our Romanesque and Medieval heritage.

In this context, we offer a wide range of cultural immersions into Catalonia’s artistic, gastronomic and architectural heritage:

  • We offer external management services to tour destinations and operators who want to promote, communicate or market their products and services better. We co-create and work with business innovation processes.
  • We impart training courses for the Catalan Employment Service and within university degrees. We create new concepts of in-company training for our customers.

Social Innovation

We encourage a recreational, educational and fun-filled interaction in small, uniquely beautiful locations.

We promote people’s participation and involvement in discovering the area they visit. At all times we aim to have a good fun in a simple, easy-going manner, through activities that allow us to discover and get back in touch with nature.
We offer a real immersion through:

  • Sightseeing tours of stunning beauty: “Empordà – our very own Tuscany” and “Secrets of Legends Past in Montseny — Lluçanès”
  • Activities to discover nature and our cultural heritage.
  • Easy-going sports and activities for everyone.
  • Courses and Workshops to learn the skills of the local craftspeople.
  • Individual and group contests and games.
  • Practical guided tours and excursions that allow us to partake the land and its beauty.

Discovering the territory

The Empurdà, , a region that has created and inspired many a distinguished genius, bursting with landscapes that stir and nourish the very soul. It is a meeting point of shared experiences and times of discovery.

The magnificent Costa Brava, with its countless trails, inlets and hideouts, unveils the sea and all its contrasts, where we will find fishermen and countryside villages, Romanesque monasteries and churches, the remains of the Iberian settlements, Greco-Roman ruins, old Jewish quarters, medieval fortresses, the indianas (colonial-style homes of those who went to Cuba and America seeking fortune), and last but not least, Salvador Dali’s surrealistic legacy.

The Montseny, universal World Heritage Site, World biosphere Reserve is a mosaic of Mediterranean and Central European landscapes, just a stone’s throw from the great urban masses.

The Lluçanès. Unmatched landscapes, art and cuisine all come together on this plateau, making for one of the best lookout points in all Catalonia, where you can spot the Pyrenees as well as the mountains of Pedraforca, Montseny and Montserrat. A place where, after gazing out over the far-off peaks, you can easily lose yourself in the paths, forests and towns that were the home of shepherds, villagers and soldiers, but also harboured fearsome bandits and mighty witches.

We have contributed to the management of sustainable, eco-friendly tourism

Tourism management projects:

Boscos de Bruixes i Bandolers(Forests of Witches and Bandits)

Site of Perot Rocaguinarda (Olost)

Santa Coloma as you have never seen it. Enacted tours in Santa Coloma de Gramanet
www.gramenet.cat/la-ciutat/gramenet-turisme/que-fer/i neraris/santa-coloma-com-mai-lhas-vist

Wine tourism development plan for the PIMECAVA Cava association

Use Plan for “Espai del Peix” at the Fishing Museum of Palamós

Marketing and Commercial Representation Plan for FESTA Tourist Apartments

The team that makes this possible

  • Pol Fages Ramió
    Under the premise that “life is a group of small moments to be remembered”, Pol leads a team to “make happy customers” and “work WITH them, not FOR them.”
    Graduate of the CETT School of Tourism of Barcelona and with a Postgraduate Degree in Tourism Company Management from Cornell University (USA), plus extensive experience in the tourism industry both nationally and internationally, Pol has led innovative projects in the field of wine and cava tourism, the legends of Witches and Bandits, the Fishing Museum in Palamós, as well as innovative events and tours to discover towns without a strong tourism industry.
    After starting the project Turismon 2008, in 2015 he created a new enterprise, Turismon Travel, which launched its first proposal in rural tourism experiences in destinations with high growth potential for tourism development and high novelty value, representing a new paradigm in the field of creation, marketing and promotion of tourist packages.
    He likes to explore parts of the country and share them with his clients, and above all take care of the details that they do not see, but which end up being very important.
    He speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan, English, and French.
  • Cristina Fernandez Chica
    Her curious and restless nature has led her to discover the treasures of our country; corners chockfull of talented artists, landscapes for gathering and subtly charming people. She is an admirer of the savoir-faire and the warmth of sharing, a woman in love with the Empordà, who collects the scent of storied corners, its cuisine, its craftspeople… in short, its unique character and identity.
    At Turismon she devotedly works in creating up-close and personal experiences. Under the premise of “the shoe fits”, she designs customized trips, paying full attention to the wishes of our guests.
    She wishes them a truly enjoyable trip of a lifetime.
    She speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan, English and French.
  • Manel Ferreres Vidal
    With a Law degree, university studies of the Roman world, prehistoric times and the ancient history of Catalonia, this self-taught researcher in the fields of ancient and medieval history has extensive knowledge of the region of Baix Empordà.
    Through his knowledge we can discover the amazing places of our country in a very enjoyable and educational manner, thanks to his experience in guided tours for schools and groups at the Iberian archaeology site of Ullastret.
    Connoisseur of wines and wine tourism, he is the owner of “La Puerta del Vino “in La Bisbal, a wine store open since 2003.
    He speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan, English and French.
  • Jordi Caupena Mas
    With extensive experience in the world of journalism and communication assessment, he provides excellent results while standing “in the shadows”. He has worked with the Barcelona City Council, Blanes City Council, the Costa Brava Tourist Board, the Foundation of the Federation of Andalusian Organisation in Catalonia, Association of Shopkeepers of the district of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Santa Coloma’s Association of Commerce and Industry, Vic Centre, the Oller company specializing in cork bottle caps, the Ulls del món Foundation and the Barcelona NGO Acció Solidària, and the town hall association of the “Forests of Witches and Bandits” (Arbúcies, Sant Hilari Sacalm, Viladrau , Olost and Sant Feliu Sasserra).
  • Mar Melchor Ventulà
    Degree of architecture from the Polytechnic University of Barcelona – Postgraduate Degree in Pathology of Traditional Architecture and Constructions.
    She has worked on municipal urban planning measures, specific planning modifications and derived planning, emphasizing her experience in the framework of public administration at the local and regional level.
    She has collaborated on the land use analysis and diagnosis in suburban and rural areas throughout Spain, and in the support of teaching tasks or as a previous step in the urban.
    She has extensive knowledge of the Baix Empordà region regarding its architectural heritage, with special knowledge of the Gavarres massif.
    She speaks fluent Spanish, Catalan, English, French and German.
  • Bjorn Hinners
    Architect Dipl. -Eng. (FH-Oldenburg) in Germany
    Master’s in Landscape Architecture (EFLA ), ETSAB – UPC
    Official degree in “Geselle” timber structures in Germany.
    He did his thesis on dry stone landscape of Cap de Creus (Cape Creus, landscape and stones) as his final project in the Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture (UPC)
    He took part in the 2009 International Festival of Girona Land ART and is author of several works of Land Art with Idoia Lizeaga
    As a landscape architect, he has worked in different landscaping projects in river areas, green corridors, the recovery of natural areas, parks, gardens…, exhibiting at the 2014 Biennale in Venice, the INNESTI / grafting exhibition, with the project “Riqualificazione della foranea nel Golfo della Spezia” with Marzio Clementi.He speaks fluent German (mother tongue), English, French, Catalan and Spanish.

Associations and mentions

  • Project “Forests of Witches and Bandits”:: It earned 2nd place in the “Skal International Sustainable Awards”, awarded at the 74th World Congress held in New York.
    From 2012 to present, the various activities undertaken by the “Forests of Witches and Bandits” project have had a successful impact in the media.Press releases:
    “Forests of Witches and Bandits” project 2013-2014.
    Santa Coloma as you’ve never seen it, in 2013
  • “SAGA Mystery Cruiser” cruises: On 31 August 2015, Turismon made the first operational cruise tours at the port of Palamós thanks to the collaboration with the company Calypso Tours Malaga, contractor for the SAGA services company.

Turismon is member of:

ACAVE (Asociación Catalana de Agencias de Viajes)

SKAL INTERNATIONAL (Asociación Internacional de profesionales del turismo)

Miembro Afiliado de la Agencia Catalana Turismo y Start-UP DMC Tourism

Club Cultura del Patronato de Turismo Costa Brava – Girona

Círculo de Turismo de la Diputación de Barcelona

Empordà Brand


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